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Easy Peasy Kallax Hack

Is this the easiest IKEA hack out there? Quite possibly! Ok, so you will need a few bits and bobs along the way, but trust me, it'll be worth it! What we're talking about is how to add castors to your Kallax unit.

I'm sure you know the one - deep, square cubbies for storage, and available in a heap of different configurations and finishes, the Kallax range is one of the most versatile pieces of flat pack furniture out there. Now, I can't say I'm the first person to have this idea, but I want to sell you on why it's such a good one. Adding castors to your Kallax is going to do three things:

  • Make it look more expensive. Furniture with legs and feet which raise it off the ground always looks more premium than something sitting flush on the floor.
  • Change the style of your unit. Castors have an amazing ability to give an industrial feel to furniture, and there are so many different options out there to choose from!
  • Make it more practical. Anything that will help you easily move a heavy item of furniture around is a win in my book!

IKEA actually used to sell castors specifically for the Kallax series, but honestly they weren't that attractive! I chose these heavy duty ones from Amazon and they are seriously good quality, and come in a range of sizes and finishes, too.

The Dos:

If you are adding castors to a wide Kallax unit, I recommend you use six - one in each corner and two in the middle. A smaller unit will be fine with just four - one in each corner.

I also suggest you think carefully about the style of the castors. Do you want them to blend in with your Kallax unit, or stand out? There are loads of different styles out there so really think about the impact those different options might have on the finished look and feel of the unit.

You can also think about how you might configure your furniture - it will be so easy to move around when on castors, that you can really have fun and play around with your room layout!

The Don'ts:

The most important thing to note when doing this is to not use an electric drill. I repeat, put away the power tools! A lot of IKEA units, like the Kallax, are made from a combination of particle board and a honeycomb paper structure (great for making the items lightweight!). Using an electric drill will shred the inside and you won't be able to get a secure fastening. It's very easy to screw straight into the board using a regular screw driver, and you'll get a really secure fit if you don't force it too tightly. I would also recommend using a washer with each screw, too.

Finally, don't forget to work out where you want your castors to be before you start screwing them in! Place them where you want them and use a ruler or tape measure to make sure they're evenly spaced.

This is such a good looking hack, easily making your units look that bit more premium, but is also so practical. We have several plug sockets behind both these units and it's dead easy to just slide the units out the way without having to take anything off.

If you want to see more, check out this quick reel I made. Happy hacking!

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