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A Love Letter to Cushions

Let's talk cushions. My absolute hero home-decor item. I find it impossible to be in a home shop and not emerge with a giant bag of squishy goodness when I leave. Yep, I'm addicted! Yes, cushions are squishy and beautiful, but they're also one of the simplest and easiest ways to update your living room or bedroom, or any other space where textiles are involved! Sometimes you just need a freshen up, or might be looking to change with the seasons. Just changing the cushions on your bed or sofa has a huge imapact on the way your room feels.

Even if all you do is change a colour, it can have a big impact - you can go from bright and fresh to cool and calming in seconds.

I am also a big fan of that feeling of sumptuousness that you can only get when you're cuddled up surrounded by fabric and texture (I could write a whole seperate post about blankets!) - maybe some of those cushions may end up on the floor, but the option for snuggling is, in my mind, vital!

To make sure your bed, sofa, or other cosy corner looks as good as it feels, I tend to follow a few simple guidlines to make sure your space is just that extra bit enticing.

  • Stick to a colour palette. For a really simple and classic look it's always good to choose pairs (or groups) of the same cushion and add your extras in a similar colour palette. This will help create balance and ensure your cosy additions will harmonize in your space.
  • Balance your patterns. If you love pattern and texure, again choose similar colour palettes, but play around with the scale of your patterns. Mix and match large scale patterns with textiles that have smaller details.
  • Once you've found the colours and patterns you like, play around with size and shape. A range of cushions in different shapes and sizes will always looks good and will allow you to layer your textiles and develop a really inviting sense of comfort.

Meg from @littlebristolterrace has used a large accent cushion with colours of yellow, pink and pale blue to tie in with the smaller cushions and to compliment the deep bluey-teal of the sofa. I also love how the pink velvet beauty at the front has those super-cute tassels which again pick out that rich yellow tone!

Karen from @scandi_up_north has layered up a group of warm natural cushions - they all blend together seamlessly as that tonal colour palette matches the rest of the decor in the room. For ultimate relaxation you can't beat a palette of warm greys, browns and creams.

I also find that changing your cushions can be the easiest way to try out a new trend without committing to the financial implications of redecorating a whole room or buying new furniture. So many cushion covers can easily be taken off the inserts and stored away for when you want to swap them in or out again. I know I have a whole stash of these IKEA covers in different colours tucked away in the airing cupboard for when I want to change up a room.

If you're looking to change up your space, or want to jump on board and try out Meg or Karen's style, I thought I'd finish up my cushion-appreciation-post by rounding up some of my favourite cushion covers. Get cosy and enjoy!

From left to right, top to bottom: contrast edging; yellow trim scallop edge; large check pattern; blue and white stripes; velvet nature scene; herringbone stripe; textured scallop edge.

From left to right, top to bottom: square wavy texture; square multi-pattern; round tassle edge; sunset landscape; square rainbow stripes; black and white textured; square with diamond pattern.

From left to right, top to bottom: embroidered moon and sun; orange/multi-coloured velvet; gold embroidered insects; mustard with lilac fringe; blue velvet rectangle; long floral cushion; teal and blue geometric squares.

From left to right, top to bottom: tufted abstract design; teal corduroy; abstract rectangle cushions; contrast edge; moon and star hands; finged linen in assorted colours.

From left to right, top to bottom: amalfi lemon; floral darling; the sun is shining; let's stay home; large love; scallopped happy; everything will be alright.

From left to right, top to bottom: yellow and white stripes; moon and stars; fleece knot; jungle cheetah; pale pink check texture; round pink stripes; coral pink square; green corduroy; tufted zig zag.

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